15 top laptops, tablets and smartphones for 2016

The world of portable computing is a candy store for the business-savvy traveller who likes to pack light. Welcome to the age of the pocket office.

From bulky desktop machines and mainframe software systems, we now have laptops, tablets and cloud solutions; the world of portable computing has dramatically changed the way many do business.

Whereas once the use of a portable device was equated with a sacrifice in computing power or functionality - let alone the inconvenience of transporting a bulky and cumbersome device - now the trade-offs are few, if any.

With great leaps in processing, display and battery technology, many devices are approaching the fabled 'desktop-class' status of performance – simply, the ability to perform like a desktop machine without compromising productivity or functionality.

Take a tablet

How about a high-powered tablet or a smartphone that operates as a PC? If you're fond of using a full-sized keyboard, why not opt for a laptop that transforms into a tablet?

The freedom afforded by many of these devices means the transition between your office, the boardroom, your home or your flight now occurs on one device.

Dispel also any fears you may have of the need to tether yourself to a power point. Improvements in battery technology mean you no longer need to scramble for a power charger as your tablet or smartphone blinks its final moments. Some devices offer 17 hours of use - or even more - on a single charge, taking you from gate to gate and across oceans without losing your file changes or your cool.

Power up

For those who still appreciate the power and performance of a laptop, your choices are greater than ever. Thanks to improvements in continuity features of many operating systems, when paired with a tablet or mobile device, the two will now work seamlessly together and provide even more flexibility to conduct business in any way you choose.

As a little icing on the digital cake, many software development companies now offer your software of choice across multiple mobile platforms, so any restrictions previously standing between your desk and your potential mobile office are further dwindling.


If you prefer the freedom and flexibility of mobile computing equipment over the cables and plugs of more traditional computing machines, here are the leading devices to take the headache out of working anywhere you choose.

Check out the gallery for some of the best mobile office options around.