19 of the best tech to make travelling for work easier

With each and every month that passes, the job of the executive traveller becomes that little bit easier, thanks the never-ending parade of cutting-edge smart devices and  innovative new tech.

Be it a transforming tablet, a piece of smart luggage that follows your every move, or simply just a power-packed back-up battery; travelling has become less about the small stuff – like charging your smartphone – and more about your main objective: remaining productive while getting from A to B.

Siri, take a letter

The rise of the digital personal assistant has been an interesting journey over the last few years.

From novelty to highly featured and practical asset, you can now accomplish simple tasks – which are usually the time consuming ones – with a few quick voice commands.

Not surprisingly, a number of new smart devices come with quick access to your digital assistant, giving you map directions, meeting details and even real-time spoken language translation, all in an instant.

Naturally, for the seasoned traveller, this can be quite the indispensable tool; especially when you're stuck in a foreign land.

Cutting the cables

With the advent of wireless charging, finding your smartphone battery has dipped south of 20 per cent because you neglected to ͚feed the beast͛ (plug it in) is becoming a less common scenario.

Just place your device down on a charging pad and get back to your day. No more fumbling through your bag for a charging cable as you transfer gates.

To a lesser extent, a number of luggage items now offer built-in charging ports, so you can top up your smart devices on-the-go. Just plug in and keep tapping and swiping to your heart͛s content.

A few even come with nifty GPS tracking options that monitor your location and alert you if the two of you are separated.

Take a look through the collection of travel tech above to get the best out of your next trip.