22 of the best boardshorts you need to get this summer

The Budgie Nine recently showed us how not to wear a pair of bathers, with Malaysian fashion police stepping in and throwing the miscreants in the slammer for a couple of nights to rethink their attire.

The lesson? Just because you're at the beach or a major international sporting event, is no reason to let your sartorial standards slip when it comes to swimwear.

Firstly, unless you're an Olympic swimmer, budgie smugglers are an abomination. Period. And if you have already celebrated your 16th birthday, perhaps it's time to forsake the usual surfing labels such as Rip Curl and Billabong, and check out some of the classier boardies on offer.

'70s style

These days most of the major fashion houses have a boardie or two in their range that will pass muster at both the beach and the beachside bar, combining stylish prints with a more relaxed walk-short cut. Gone are the days of knee-length boardies in favour for more vintage-inspired cuts.

Sam Coombes, founder of Aussie swimwear label The Critical Slide Society, says that while the trend for shorter shorts is still going strong, current styles are more relaxed. Think Tahiti in the '70s.

"Leg lengths have actually crept down slightly this summer," Coombes says.

"Still above the knee, but an inch above the knee as opposed to six. And expect to see some colour... Not just floral but more gritty colours. We've done one that's literally just paint splurges, called the De Ja Vue which is pretty on point for the warmer months."

Check out our gallery above for 22 of the best boardies to choose from this summer.