23 amazing new gadgets that will rock your world

Have you ever stared down at the dwindling battery meter of your smartphone and thought, 'Wasn't technology supposed to make our lives easier?!'

While these moments usually strike when you're at our most vulnerable – like being late for a date and unable to message an apology – the list of technological innovations we benefit from on a daily basis is boggling.

For people like Dr Fouad Bennini, Tech and Business Unit Leader for Bosch Asia Pacific, changing the way we live is the name of the game. The company recently celebrated the release of another model in its range of leading pedelec bike systems – that is, electric motor-assisted pedal bikes.

"The first time you ride one, a pedelec bike makes cycling more accessible," said Dr. Bennini. "It has the advantage to take you from being a daily rider to an explorer – and this can affect you in different emotional ways."

The solution is electrifying

As life marches on and our cities begin to grown under the weight of populace, a solution to urban transport nightmares seems far off – or is it? While the true promise of electric vehicles is yet to be fulfilled, an electric answer is already upon us.

"When you talk about big cities, public transportation systems are becoming full and we face constant traffic jams," said Dr. Bennini. "Everyone is talking about electric cars, but they're expensive and they don't always fulfil customers' expectations for battery life and range. With an electric bicycle, you're not using a combustion engine and it's very, very easy on your wallet."

Yes, you may get some derisive looks from other cyclists on the road, but before you know it, you'll be the envy of those in your wake as you power into the distance. Be sure to choose your parting quip wisely.

It may not be cool now, but wait

"It's about extending your range and discovering more and more of your environment," said Dr. Bennini. "When you have assistance you can convert a normal cyclist into an explorer."

Remember: the first person to swing a boom box onto their shoulder and stroll down the street pumping Funky Town may have looked like a tech-mad wildcard, but we all know now how cool they really were.

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