25 cutting edge new gadgets every man needs

Think of any aspect of your life – be it work, leisure or pleasure – and chances are there is a spanking new device that can help you get even more out of your endeavour.

Whether it's a new mode of transport, a surprising piece of home entertainment equipment, or simply the option to have the same smartphone you've been using for the last six months in red; we're spoiled for choice in this modern age of innovative design, space-age materials and hyper-connectivity.

It's a material world

With the expanding global market and ever-reducing cost of production, we're now witnessing the birth of devices of which the average person could previously only dream.

Materials like carbon fibre are becoming quite ubiquitous. Formally the domain of supercars and the space program, it's now common to find the latest designer bicycle crafted from the material. Super strong and lightweight, it makes the act of lugging your bike up a flight of stairs a little easier on the body.

So too aerospace-grade titanium – now commonly found in your pocket, in the form of a smartphone. The strength this material affords, coupled with its light weight and ease of manufacturing, make it ideal for devices that see constant use and the occasional accident.

Tech becomes Art

With the many benefits of modern materials and technology, designers now have the ability to turn modern tech into art.

No longer is your smart TV required to sit in your living room like a slab of black plastic and metal, towering over your furniture like an imposing monolith. With a super-thin smart TV, you can turn any wall into a gallery space – displaying works of art from around the world in glorious 4K definition.

And why settle for a stereo speaker that takes up shelf space when you can instead litter your home with invisible wireless speakers? Well, almost invisible. New audio driver technology has been developed to turn your average Bluetooth speaker into see-through audio glass, with all the sound qualities of a regular speaker without spoiling your view.

Take a browse through the gallery above to get a little inspiration for your next retail therapy session.