Actor Chris Pine proves that overalls are perfectly acceptable menswear

Let your Oedipal fantasies run wild because Rihanna, along with a handful of brave luxury labels, wants to be the first woman since your mum to buckle you into a pair of bib-front overalls.

With her Fenty x Puma spring '18 collection the Barbadian trend-generator saved the pre-school style staple from the sandpit and now Supreme is on board, with its imminent North Face collaboration including a fetching gold pair of overalls.

Chances of letting the working class onesie revival pass you by were dashed by actor Chris Pine making the airport terminal his runway-turned-building site in a pair of Carhartt overalls last week.

Star Trek's re-mountain-booted Captain Kirk went where no man had thought of going for sometime, subtly extolling his ensemble's virtues by stuffing his passport in the front pocket.

Grown-up appeal

There's a lesson to be learnt from Pine's enthusiastic embrace of urbanwear's latest incarnation – go hard or go home.

While the last onesie to make headlines, the pretty in pastels male romper, was all about an ironic take on masculinity, the overall is best accessorised by an over-the-top testosterone-tinted attitude.

Pine's blue collar baseball cap and washed out long-sleeve white T-shirt add some adult to edge to what could easily become an infantilising outfit. He also tapped into the overall's rugged roots, before it became a toddler must-have and alternative summer jumpsuit for women.

Know your history

Overalls' first cultural appearance, along with more than a cringe, was as workwear in the US, before being mass-produced by Levis Strauss in 1890. Although popular, they failed to take off with the same speed as Levi's waist-overalls, known more commonly as jeans since the '60s.

Acknowledging the overall's utilitarian nature is one thing but follow Pine's lead and stop well short of layering a plaid lumberjack shirt underneath your bib, unless you're carrying an axe along with your duffel bag.


If the actor's butch take on the trend is too close to the trade union timber yard for you, use your sporting prowess as an excuse to buckle up. This season's snowsuit take advantage of the overall's practical design.

Track and field

overalls are designed for the outdoors along with the dancefloor, if you're prepared to sweat. Their disco-gold Mountain Bib pants are made with fully seam-sealed, metallic waterproof nylon.

Canadian twins Dean and Dan Caten of DSquared2 have added a surprising Duck Dynasty reference with their camouflage styles, not ideal for amateur skiers.

Whether you're going sporty or steel worker, there are some basic rules for making workwear work.

Small details

Firstly, for practical reasons, look for styles with a button fly. Whether you're in a chalet or bar you'll thank me later for not ending up with your overalls around your ankles every time nature yells at you.

While paying attention to below the waist, size is important. Adjust those bib straps so that you're overalls won't ride up higher than Urkel's pants in Family Matters. The only thing permitted to bulge here is your biceps.

Finally, only invest in the full-length version of overalls unless you're on your way to Coachella – never a cut-off. And even then if you bump into Rihanna, don't expect to impress her with your knees.

Take a look at the gallery above for some of the best overalls to get comfortable in.