Best new airport hotel rooms around the world

If hotels are all about getting a good night's sleep, at least for a large part of your stay, then you wouldn't think that plonking one next to an airport makes much sense. But many business travellers would beg to differ.

Whether your flight is arriving late at night or you're got an early morning wheels-up, the convenience of an airport hotel lets you spend less time rushing and more time relaxing.

They can even work well for those stopovers that stretch through the day at 'hub' airports, when there's a long stretch between connecting flights.

(That said, if you're caught with a long layover at the likes of Hong Kong or Singapore there's no better way to break the journey than heading into the city.)

Suite stopovers

Travellers booked a staggering 65 million nights at airport hotels around the world in 2015, according to a report by travel trade group .

But perceptions of the hotels themselves isn't exactly sky-high. After all, when your main selling point is convenience and your customers rarely have much choice, there's a tendency not to try too hard.

Thankfully, the builders and bean-counters behind airport hotels are starting to change their ways and think beyond the bare essential of soundproof windows.

Scroll through the gallery above to see some of 2016's top new airport hotels.

Last week saw the opening of a new concept in airport hotels at Singapore's Changi Airport, which remains the preferred stopover destination for Australian business travellers.


Changi already has the Crowne Plaza hotel adjacent to Terminal 3, but the new and fetchingly-named Aerotel is located inside the airport.

Aerotel delivers

Forget about queueing at security and immigration. Provided your luggage has been checked through to your connecting flight you walk straight to the lobby at Terminal 1 (the same terminal used by Qantas and British Airways).

Through the doors it's another world: a stylish hideaway in the heart of the ever-busy Changi Airport, with chic design, warm lighting and soft acoustics.

In case the bed and its customised pillow menu isn't enticing enough the 70-room Aerotel boasts resort-like trimmings such as an outdoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym and library lounge.

Rooms are available in six-hour blocks starting at $55 to $135 depending on the room size, with extended stays charged at an additional $20 per hour.

A second Aerotel will open at Abu Dhabi by year's end with a third slated for London Heathrow in early 2017.

Diamond standard

Another twist in the airport hotel formula is taking place halfway around the world at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport.

The newly-opened Hilton Amsterdam Airport is shaped like an eye-catching cube encased in wraparound layers of diamond-shaped windows and skewed 45 degrees to stand apart from its surroundings.

Inside, a towering 42-metre atrium topped by a massive skylight sees light flood the interior, all the way down to a lobby which by night morphs into a cool cocktail lounge.

(It's not the first time Schiphol has shaped air travel. It was arguably the first airport to adopt modern design principles: soaring ceilings and glazed full-height windows to create large light-filled spaces, clear colour-coded wayfinding and a crisp highly-legible typeface similar to that used today by most airports around the world today.)

Bangkok bargain

It's not too hard to think outside the box when it comes to the unique needs of the traveller in transit.

The Novotel at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport offers a pleasingly flexible approach to bookings: each room is yours for a full 24 hours starting from when you arrive, and the conventional 'free breakfast' applies to any meal at the hotel's buffet.

It's a sensible move for any airport hotel, particularly one in a transit hub like Bangkok where flights arrive and depart 24/7.

What are your experiences with airport hotels, and which are the ones you'd recommend? Let us know in the comments section.