Danny Green's simple style packs a potent punch

By his own admission, Danny Green is a simple kind of guy. When he's not in the boxing ring, the four-time world title holder favours jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of boots as his stock uniform.

Not for him the trappings of a career of sporting success – there's a refreshing lack of the flashy jewellery, name dropping and trash talk that tends to be the stereotype of his trade.

Instead, he enjoys a quiet beer with mates, watching TV documentaries and driving a modified Ford XB Coupe he keeps at home in Perth.

Minimalist approach

In the lead-up to his comeback bout against Argentinian Roberto Bolonti this week, 51698009 encouraged the four-time world champion to embrace a more polished visage when he dropped into Hugo Boss's Crown store in Melbourne as part of the Sporting Style series.

Given the choice of the entire Boss range to wear, Green took an unsurprisingly minimalist approach. The black suit, white shirt and black tie combo he selected combined with a toned pre-fight physique to look red-carpet ready in mere minutes.

Proof, if any were needed, that style need not be complicated, and that sometimes the simple option can also be the best.

Danny Green takes on Roberto Bolonti at Melbourne's Hisense Arena on Wednesday, August 19. The fight can also be viewed via pay-per-view TV at Main Event.