Dressed for dash, not for flash

This article first appeared in Boss magazine.


Like the cars he spends his day immersed in, this former journalist and advertising executive prefers understated to flash. And with much of his time spent out on the road or at the track he regularly trades his suit for Jaguar's “activation outfits”, practical black gear that is stylish and good at hiding any wayward grease marks.

Describe your style?

I don't want to be too loud; I do appreciate a bit of quality and subtlety. Like with my watch: those who know, know. I ran into a friend at a motor show a couple of years ago and she saw it and didn't say anything, but just reached out and put her hand over it and smiled. My parents taught me, buy once, buy properly. Initially it might be a high outlay but it will last multiple times longer and look multiple times better.

Do you shop?

I tend to have my wife as support. I think I know what I want, but sometimes I'm not brave enough to buy it. She is very good at knowing where I want to go with it and giving me the confidence to get there.

What is the 'bravest' item you've bought?

About three years ago, I bought a Desigual shirt with more colours on it than 20 rainbows together. I wore it to the pub with friends, and there was a little bit of trepidation but I thought, no, I love this shirt. But it took me right to the edge. When I wear it, I need to remember that people who don't know me might just think that's normal for me.


Favourite fashion possession?

I love my watch. It's the only piece of jewellery I own, apart from my wedding ring. I'd always admired one my friend had and I kept thinking, one day, one day. When we left Dubai in 2010, this was my souvenir to myself. It was a brilliant three years and I just wanted something to remember it by. Almost all my suits and shirts are from my time in Dubai. Last year on a trip to the UK I stopped over and ordered some more.

Have you ever worn an auto racing suit?

No, I've never raced. In my imagination, like so many other men, I think I'm the world's greatest driver. But I'm fortunate in that I understand I'm not. I'd still love an opportunity to race, but I haven't got there yet.