Father's Day: adrenalin experiences top gift list

Australian women believe what their man needs for Father's Day is to go cage diving with sharks, or take a trip on Sydney harbour in a high-powered jet boat, data reveals.

Online experience and gift retailer RedBalloon analysed more than half a million purchases and seven million site visits over the past 12 months and says men, conversely, are much more likely to seek out a romantic gift for their partner.

Adrenaline-surging pursuits such as fanging around a racetrack in a V8 supercar, or the chance to leap out of an aircraft strapped to another man, also ranked highly in women's choices when buying for men.

The popular Father's Day standbys of a pack of comfy undies or socks could be replaced with the apron or implement set he'll need to put his BBQ Cooking Class (number 4 on the list nationwide) into effect. Alternately, he might need to slip into a racesuit for a rally driving experience (No.3).

Sharing the love

But while women seek out macho experiences for men to enjoy solo, men are purchasing gifts for their significant other that can be shared. That gift is overwhelming more likely to be romantic; indeed, the top five purchases made by men are: getaways, dining, horse riding, day spa packages and hot air ballooning.

The survey showed that men bought 43 per cent of overall shared experiences, despite only making up 35 per cent of RedBalloon's overall purchases.

"Romantic purchases are booming and men make up a huge volume of sales," says RedBalloon CEO Kristie Buchanan. "Many may argue that men are securing these purchases as there's something in it for them. We, however, like to think that Australia's rugged males may be morphing into hopeless romantics who want to spend more time with their partners."

The wine & dine state

New South Wales blokes lead the charge when it comes to wining and dining, buying twice as many romantic dining experiences than any other nationally. On the other hand, Victorian women are more likely to be whisked off to a romantic getaway, with southern men buying more than double the number of getaways than any other state.


If there's one trend that both sexes share, though, it's a tendency to leave voucher-style gifts to the last minute. In the week leading up to major gifting occasions such as Christmas and Valentine's Day, purchases by men jump from 35 per cent to 42 per cent.

Women fare little better, with 29 per cent of Father's Day sales in 2013 being made in the three days beforehand.

And the top gift for Dads nationwide, according to RedBalloon? A $100 Gift Certificate. It seems like we still don't really know what to buy the old man after all.

Top purchase categories – women 

1. Off road driving

2. V8 experiences

3. Sports & luxury care hire

4. Harley rides

5. Stunt driving

Top purchase categories – men 

1. Getaways

2. Romantic dining

3. Horse riding

4. Day spa packages

5. Hot air ballooning

Source: www.redballoon.com.au