Five men's trends for summer

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Having spent time in Europe recently at various men's fashion events and the uber-cool men's fashion fair, Pitti Uomo, it has been interesting to see the trends Australian men will begin to adopt next summer.

Australia may only be six months behind Europe, but given our relaxed beach culture and tendency for men to be reserved in their approach to fashion, some of these trends may only be worn by the brave few. Whether you're a conservative fashion novice or a flamboyant man about town, it's time to start thinking about how you can evolve your wardrobe come summer.

1. Camouflage

Like or hate it, camouflage is everywhere in Europe this summer. Not only on the street, but all the designers are presenting their future collections with this print. You will be seeing camo on the usual fashion items such as pants, but be prepared for a camo explosion across all accessories, sneakers, jackets and even the occasional casual blazer. Greens, blues and red camouflage variations are all making an appearance. If you're going to get on board, then choose subtle prints.


2. Floral prints

Floral prints will polarise men. At what point does it become cool for a man to look like his Aunt Rita's sofa? That one you can answer yourself, but floral is appearing in more men's designer collections. What was once strictly Mediterranean holiday couture can now be seen on more than just shirts. Designers are using this print on suit detailing, jackets and even pants for the braver souls. Floral is interesting, but still feels more appropriate on vacation rather than Friday night on the town.

3. Neons for men

There's nothing new about neon. What is new (for men) is how bright it's becoming and how far it's spreading. We've seen the likes of Nike using neon on much of its running range in the past 12 months and this trend will continue and evolve into chinos, swimwear, accessories and even lightweight knits. Neon is not for the wallflowers or hipsters; but the beach goers, gym rats and sartorial experimenters will happily consume this trend.

4. Casual blazers and bigger lapels

The skinny suit/blazer lapel is making its way out the back door as the trend of more traditional Italian and British tailoring comes into play. Especially at Pitti Uomo, where blazers were on show by almost every designer and where designers were now embracing the larger lapel. Most apparent was the influx of double-breasted blazers. What's been on the sidelines for the past few seasons now gets its time in the mainstream spotlight. Lighter colours such as khaki, seersucker and pastels will be all the rage. Definitely time to start collecting a range of both single-breasted and double-breasted blazers for everyday wear. Brands to watch out for are Reiss, Uniqlo and L.B.M 1911.

5. Wind breakers

Wind breakers have always made me feel like a football thug, so perhaps that's why we're so surprised by this final trend. It's like the football thugs have all bought yachts, and the designers know it. The lightweight jacket in a multitude of colours is being sported by many gents of Europe. Honestly, I don't know many guys in Australia who wear these, but given the amount of attention designers are giving their sport/yachting ranges, it's safe to assume this trend will sail down under very soon. Brands to check out are Aether Apparel and Stone Island.

Whether the Australian male is ready to embrace any of these summer fashion trends remains to be seen. But now you have five things to consider for when it comes time to shop for your summer wardrobe.

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