Luxury trading website James Edition is an eBay for the uber rich

There's rich, and then there's truly, filthy, hunt-humans-for-sport rich. Even the hugely wealthy like a bargain, though, which is why they now have their very own eBay.

But you can forget the knockoff iPhones and crates of weird manga toys that clog the more famous site. The listings on are just a little bit more highbrow than arched eyebrow.

James Edition is a weird and wonderful marketplace; a place where your wildest dreams can be realised with the click of a (diamond-encrusted) mouse.

And you wouldn't believe some of the things currently up for sale. A chair forged out of actual AK47s? A luxury villa in Ibiza? An original piece by Andy Warhol completed just 12 months before his death? All could be yours, for the right price.

And that's only scratching the surface. Here, for your voyeur-ing pleasure, we've collected the six most unbelievable items for sale on our new favourite website. Because it turns out the grass isn't just greener on the other side, it's also growing on the shore of your own private island. And you can probably eat it, too.

1.Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

This isn't just any Ferrari. The owners of this one-of-200 special edition are hand-picked by the company's bosses, with plenty of people who already own a fleet of Ferraris knocked back, no matter how much they beg.

But if you missed the cut, here's your chance to climb into what might be the world's most exclusive convertible. The monstrous Aperta - a spiritual successor to the legendary Enzo – is the fastest car Ferrari has ever made, with a hybrid powertrain that borrows F1 technology, ensuring 100km/h zips past in a ridiculous three seconds flat.

It's dripping with big numbers, but here's the biggest; it's listed at $7,349,400. Yes, second hand.


2. Porsche Design RFF 135 Mega Yacht

The Porsche Design RFF is less boat, more floating mansion. 

This four-deck mega yacht comprises an upper navigation bridge, which sits above the accommodation deck, home to the captain's cabin, guest suites, owner's suite and a private lounge and dining, all of which is framed by a wraparound entertainer's deck.

The main deck is home to yet more accommodation, as well as a commercial kitchen, huge dining space and the ship's biggest outdoor area, while the bottom floor is where the boat's staff, of which there will be plenty, are allowed to lurk.

The price? You could be hitting the water for as little as $39,777,500.

3. Original AK47 chair

Who needs the Iron Throne when you can relax after a hard day in your very own AK47 chair? Built by Austrian artist Rainer Weber, this ludicrous lounge is built using six, hopefully not loaded AK47s, which form the legs, armrests and supports for the backing.

But it's not all cold metal; the back and armrest cushions were hand-woven in Venice, while a cartridge belt and a Russian military helmet are also worked into the design.

This one is price on request, but suffice to say it will be lots.

4. An original Andy Warhol

The Mercedes-Benz W196 was completed by Mr  Campbell Soup himself in 1986. In fact, it was one of Warhol's final works, with the artist dying a year later, at just 58 years old.

This huge piece – it's 14 feet tall and 15 feet wide – consists of 12 W196R race car prints, and was commission by Mercedes-Benz to commemorate the centenary of the automobile. It's a confirmed original, too, having already been exhibited in galleries around the world.

But you'll need more than just a big wall to hang this bad boy at home – the price guide sits at between $15 and $18 million.

5. A $400k engagement ring

Forget Tiffany & Co. If you really want to impress your bride-to-be, you can't go past this 12.02-carat "internally flawless" diamond ring.

The focal point is a massive yellow diamond that you could block a drain with, set in a yellow gold band and framed by two smaller, 3.5-carat diamonds. 

While you can't put a price on love, you can put a price on a bloody big diamond ring, and this one will set you back a chilling $519,000.

6. Your own private island

The famed Florida Keys has long been the playground of Miami's rich and famous, and here's your chance to stake a claim to your very own part of it. A pretty big part, actually.

Pumpkin Key is a 26-acre island that's "just 10 minutes by helicopter to Miami's South Beach". It's home to a three-bed home, along with two separate cottages and a marina setup to accommodate a mega-yacht (see item two).

You'll also find tennis courts that double as a helipad, and golf-cart paths that encircle the island, because who wants to walk, ever?

It's yours for around $123 million.