Oscars 2016: The men's red carpet hits and misses

What was Jared Leto thinking? Does he even own a mirror, or have a mate to tell him to get changed? Obviously not.

The Oscars are a 'black tie' event. That means black tuxedo, a white shirt and a black bow tie. Leto might march to a different drum than the rest of us, but there's still no call for that Gucci ensemble that featured garish red piping and a scarlet carnation for a neck tie. He looked like a Spanish waiter who had been shot through the throat.

The 88th Academy Awards was the night many male stars forgot to read the dress code on their invitation. How else could you explain musician Dave Grohl turning up in a navy tux (with clashing black shawl collar) and a black shirt?

Or ex-football player Michael Strahan in his 1970s card-shark ensemble; rendered in a sky blue and with clashing lapels that probably wouldn't make it through an airport security check.

The 'Pharrell Williams moment' belonged this year to D-list actor Orlando Jones (you may recall fashion maverick Williams wearing tuxedo shorts at the 2014 Oscars).

The Pharrell moment 

Jones arrived in a jacket appearing to have been made from tacky, shiny Christmas wrapping paper, which may or may not have been covered in motifs of autumn leaves and smudged poo. His squeeze, dancer Diane Mizota, should have tangoed as far from him as she could possibly get.

As for Pharrell Williams himself, the newly-peroxided musician got the black tie part right but left his socks at home, accentuating bare ankles with too-short trousers. 

Even meet-and-greet man Ryan Seacrest missed the memo, and turned up in a light grey dinner jacket trimmed with black lapels. It was from his own clothing label, Ryan Seacrest Distinction, so he had no one else to blame but himself.

Even gents who cobbled together a black jacket and matching black trousers weren't guaranteed to get it right. Eddie Redmayne's Alexander McQueen jobbie is a case in point; a pimp-like velvet jacket teamed with uber-skinny trousers of a different material and a pair of … could they be Grosby slippers? No, but at least he looked ready for bed.


And the super-slim suit seems to be persisting in Hollywood, even when it makes the wearer look like they are wearing their little brother's clothes. English musician Sam Smith wearing Dunhill would have nailed the fashion stakes if not for those tight, slightly-too-short trousers. Fashion stylist Brad Goreski also adopted the skinny hipster style in spite of evidence emerging that skinny is all over for guys.


The best-on-carpet award went to musician John Legend, wearing Paul Smith, who managed to show the rest of the mob how to wear a tuxedo with elegance and style. Leonardo DiCaprio wore a stunning Armani tux with peak lapels. Michael Keaton also deserves a mention, albeit let down by another pair of those velvet slip-ons.

New York style blogger George Hahn says the biggest fashion faux pas when it comes to the Oscars is the notch lapel dinner jacket and black neck tie. "I call this chauffeur chic," says Hahn. "Wear a peak lapel or shawl collar and put on a bow tie. When going to a formal event, you should look nicer than the guy who's driving you there."

Hahn believes the worst formal wear statement made by male Academy Award attendees is the urge to make a statement in the first place. "Whether it's shorts, super-skinny tailoring, loud colours or patterns, the purpose of black tie is to not stand out. However, the level of narcissism at something like the Oscars breeds the urge for even more attention, particularly among the less secure."

Hahn recommends Hollywood male stars should take a look at Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief for inspiration. "And get a good tailor," he says.

Scroll through the gallery above to see the best and words looks from the blokes on the red carpet of the Academy Awards.