The Apple iPhone 6 that costs $52 million

If you're the type who wants to be the first among your friends to own the Apple iPhone 6 that was released on Wednesday, you also must realise they all will have their own within weeks. What then?

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One possible answer is a bespoke iPhone 6 fitted with a platinum, 24-karat gold or rose gold case and embedded in the back with a sapphire, emerald, ruby or diamond.

The price? From a mere $US1.65 million ($1.78 million) for the base model fitted with a black diamond, all the way up to the pink diamond-embedded "Super Nova" edition at $US48.5 million ($52.4 million).

A unique experience

The super-luxe iPhones are the product of Falcon, a New York-based luxury brand that "uses premium metals, gemstones, and materials to fabricate limited editions for ultra high net worth consumers and collectors who seek a unique experience with mobile computing devices and accessories".

The iPhone 6 collection includes 24 choices, combining three same-cost case choices (platinum, 24-carat gold and rose gold) and eight embedded gems (black diamond for $1.78 million; emerald cut diamond for $2.43 million; blue sapphire, emerald or ruby for $5.13 million; blue diamond for $35.1 million; orange diamond for $45.9 million and pink diamond for $52.4 million).

Each comes with 128GB of memory and standard iPhone equipment including a USB cable, power adapter, user manual and standard Apple headphones. Obviously, though, the latter accessory just won't cut it, so Falcon can also supply ear pods in solid platinum, 24-karat gold or rose gold (to match your phone, natch) for just $US300,000 ($324,000).

The phone will also be unlocked worldwide and include a five-year warranty on defects, and access to an "elite" 24-hour concierge service "that provides 24-hour worldwide assistance, recommendations and services to facilitate the demands of our clients' exceptional lifestyles and schedules".

Hacked off

Significantly for some customers in the wake of various phone hacking scandals, Falcon guarantees that all communications will evade global electronic surveillance.


"Your calls, text and video chats can not be monitored, logged for meta data, or subpoenaed by a government organisation on a Falcon device," the company promises.

Budget options

If your budget doesn't extend to dropping millions on a device that, let's be honest, will be considered obsolete at the next iPhone launch in about two years, there are more budget-friendly options.

Los Angeles-based Brikk can dress up your iPhone 6 in platinum or 24-carat or pink  gold and add a diamond-encrusted Apple logo to the back for $US11,895 ($12,836), while London-based Goldgenie will supply the phone coated in 24-carat gold, rose gold or platinum for just $US3560 ($3842).

The desire of super-rich customers to out-bling their billionaire friends has led to a thriving industry in accessorising devices, with diamond-encrusted phones and gold-plated iPads among the many variations available to those with more money than sense. 

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