The biggest trend in menswear right now is all about the small details

Patchwork, embroidery and other embellishments have found their way into the modern man's wardrobe, but just how you can wear these bold runway looks depends on your confidence.

Luxury fashion houses such as Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana are leading the pack, their looks riffing off '70s and '80s punk styling but without rough edges.

From Gucci's over stated patchwork on jackets, jeans and footwear to Valentino's poetic punk that sees the Paris-based Italian fashion house place embroidery on oversized parkas and shirts, they're both proving that overstating the obvious and being loud is the new voice of reason.

Valentino has panther applique on shiny satin bomber jackets while camouflage trainers come trimmed with studs. Dolce & Gabbana teams sequins and glistening tailoring – dinner jackets in gold sequins with religious motifs and Byzantine backdrops. It's loud and certainly not for everyone, but you can't help but be wooed by the extravaganza.

A statement signature

But the new trend needn't make you run for cover. According to head buyer at Harrolds Rob Ferris, it's about finding a signature item and making it the centrepiece of our outfit.

"It also depends on the client's personality," says Rob Ferris.

"The trend can be embraced by using the statement piece for your look and depending on the occasion, I would pair it back with pieces that won't detract. For those that are willing to be more adventurous, it's definitely a trend worth investing in," he says.

Patchwork looks particularly great on jackets, denim and shirts: You can be as bold as you like and wear it loud and proud on the back of your denim jacket or keep it subtle with patchwork on casual shirting.

Luxury DIY

At Gucci's Milan headquarters you can get your craft on by adding embellishments to bags too. Customers can add signature bumblebees, butterflies, snakes, daggers, roses and more to their product and ramp up the message with monogrammed letters and trims that come in crocodile and suede.


Get the balance right

Melbourne based street style influencer Roberto Malizia of This Is Malice borrows heavily from the embellished trend. He isn't shy to embrace the more is more motto and you'll often find him wearing a quilted patchwork jackets by Dries Van Noten or a Diesel bomber emblazoned with patchwork.

"When you have a loud garment you have to keep balance in mind," says Roberto Malizia of how to wear the trend.

"It's not for everybody but I would recommend choosing some neutral colours for the rest of your outfit – think black, grey and blues and don't push the look too far," he says.

Turn the volume down with your favourite jeans, chinos or tailored pants matched with simple garments like a T-shirt of round neck jumper.

"Go for a hero piece like a jacket. I would say brands like Acne Studios and COS offer good basic pieces and you can match these with embroidered or embellished jackets by other fashion houses. It really is about being confident because the look is one people will notice. You have to embrace it," he says.

Succumbing to a stitch

Locally, Australian menswear designer Arthur Galan has been focusing on embroidered shirt and subtle hints of it in jackets for the past six months. The new spring collection will feature a signature piece dubbed the Roman beaded shirt that is white with black beading down the front.

"When you go for this look you need to tone down everything else you're wearing," says Arthur Galan.

"It's for someone not afraid of standing out in the crowd. I'm also finding there's a lot more interest in this from men locally and I'm all about pushing it a bit further too," he explains.

"For spring you'll see embroidered T-shirts and shirts and a jacket with a floral rose embroidery on the front. You can glam it up or wear the look with sneakers. It's for the fashion forward man."

Check out the gallery above to see some of the best embellished menswear to brighten up your look.