The golden rule: you are what you eat

Six months ago, I wrote a blog where I authored a seven-day mind, food, and fitness eBook -entitled the Cut The BS diet - for my client and friend, Rodney (not his real name).

Since then, almost 19,000 people from around the world have emailed to ask me for a copy, which I have sent, and many have reported back to me that they made positive lifestyle changes. I love it.

In summary, smoke plus sugar equals an idiot sandwich.

How's Rodney going? Well, he lost some serious weight. He was looking and feeling better. Moving better. But old habits crept back in, so this is a new letter to all the Rodneys (male and female) out there, because many need a cliché slap: You are, as always, what you eat. So here goes:

Dear Rodney,

I love ya buddy, but you're being an idiot. Pharmaceutical companies, junk food joints, hospitals, and funeral homes love you, too – because they make boatloads of money from what you're eating.

Idiots don't think, they want and they consume. It's about mass, flavour, with zero concern for health. There are people starving in the world, and yet you choose to slowly kill yourself with food. Here's an example of what idiots like you, Rodney, are consuming:

Charcoal Donuts

Dunkin' Donuts must be loving the PR hit. They create a new product called a Charcoal Donut, along with an advertisement where a woman paints her face black.

The ad gets labelled racist. Then the articles, debates on TV, and hordes of free press follows discussing the issue, with their brand stamped all over it. DD wins.


Racism sucks, but who the hell is eating charcoal-flavoured donuts, anyway? Idiots, that's who. (And yes, before anyone points it out, I'm well aware of the irony of railing against a PR campaign designed to encourage people like me to do exactly that).

Booze, booze, and more booze

Idiots hit the tiles way too often. Booze is calories, and more booze leads to poor food choice, zero exercise, and hair of the dog. It's terrible for your health.

Energy drinks and cigarettes

The breakfast of champion idiots. Why not wash down a bit of smoky cancer with some sugar to start the day?

The American Lung Association said: “There are approximately 600 ingredients in cigarettes. When burned, they create more than 4000 chemicals. At least 50 of these chemicals are known to cause cancer, and many are poisonous.”

The energy drink I'm holding in my hand right now contains 83.5 grams of sugar – that's 20 teaspoons' worth. Idiots who drink this stuff should start sizing up their false teeth now. In summary, smoke plus sugar equals an idiot sandwich.

All you can eat

Go on, stuff yourself. Then grab a warm, fresh plate and eat again. It's great value, so why not? The belly button turns into an outie and prayer is recited begging the belt to hold on. Dessert? Yup. Then roll home and tilt the lounge back for a dose of reality TV while a food coma settles in.

What's worse is the children who follow mum and dad's lead. Think for a moment about the example you are setting.

So come on, Rodney. Stop being an all-you-can-eat idiot. It can kill you, it can kill your family. Let's be smarter. Stop buying idiotic products. Think about less on your plate. Do something healthy. Halting idiotic behaviour is that simple.

The most important thing in life isn't the latest phone, a cronut or your 85-inch flat panel 3D TV – it's your health.
Be a better man, Rodney. Change your life. I know you can. And never forget - you are what you eat.

Hugs, Michael Jarosky

I'm sending out 500 more copies of my updated Cut the BS Diet – if you didn't get one last time, email me here.

The Cut the BS Diet will also be part of my weight loss month for charity in October, titled Droptober. Check it out here.