The magnificent moustache

The rise of November means spring is in full bloom, but gardens aren't the only thing growing. Men's top lips are about to begin sporting some weird and wonderful facial fuzz as "Movember" kicks in again.

To get Australian men in the mood for some hirsute pursuits, here's a hair-raising photo gallery from the recent running of the US National Beard and Moustache Championships in New Orleans.

Photographer Greg Anderson took these stunning portraits that showcase the contestants' bizarre and incredible facial hair in never-before-seen glory.

More than 150 people competed in the championship in 17 categories, including Amish, natural full beards, free-style, imperial moustache, and English moustache.

“After spending two days with the contestants, I realised most of them originally came to the competition out of curiosity and they come back every year for the camaraderie,” Anderson says. “They're serious about the competition, but even more serious about catching up with old friends and having a great time.”

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