The OTT luxury house A-List celebrities stay at when in Sydney

It's not every Friday night you get to say you've partied at Justin Bieber's house. Or Adele's for that matter.

But for those with the financial wherewithal, it's a boast that may just be in your Insta reach.

Ultra high

Located in the moneyed suburb of Mosman, just outside of Sydney, a five-bedroom-five-bathroom beachside mansion has become the luxury retreat of choice for a cavalcade of A-List stars and "ultra-high-net-worth individuals" after accommodation that comes with the comforts of a five-star resort plus all the private intimacy of their own homes.

"The people who stay here regularly travel the globe," says owner and property developer Cameron MacDonald, "they've stayed in many homes, hotels, and this place I know is exceptional by even their standards."

"They want the privacy of being able to come somewhere where people aren't going to know who they are or where they are."

(And not just travellers or celebrities either. At the time of this interview, the house had been transformed into an immersive bar experience by Polish vodka brand Belvedere – an end of year shebang to celebrate their sugar-free Spritz Collection and signature 007 martini.)

Privacy in public

The three-level accommodation's sheer size is hidden by the fact that it cleverly flows downwards, a tiered descent that opens each level of the property up to views across Balmoral Beach towards Manly. A detail no doubt very much appealing to those who are constantly in the public's eye.

Mind you, this still didn't quite prevent throngs of fans from swamping Justin Bieber during his stay at the property. However, the pop star's inability to live low-key may have also been his own downfall, particularly in light of so-called ongoing 3am parties that disrupted the normally peaceful neighbourhood.

Although McDonald promises that the neighbours are generally both very accommodating, congenial and respectful to a fault.


Inside story

Aside from the immediate grandeur that grabs your attention as soon as you enter, it's also the small comforts and attention to detail that win clients over – every bedroom has a powder room, every floor has a general bathroom. But for many, one of the primary appeals is custom-made, walk-in Italian wardrobe that is bigger than most Sydney apartments.

"The actual trend in luxury accommodation is moving away from hotels and into what international travellers would call "villas"," explains MacDonald.

"I think it's about having all the facilities of living at home and not feeling like they're on the road. And it's a model that should definitely be pursued, as it's still a rare product."

The man, the myth

Rumoured to be aged in his 30s, MacDonald is an easy person to talk to but just as private as the residency he has created. Even chatting to some of the other guests at the event, none seemed to know much of the property's owner ... although one person did drop the mysterious phrase "Monaco money" in response.

When the former male-model first unveiled the property almost two years ago, it was done so with the intention of selling it as a turn-key home – a complete package property that included all furnishings and finishing touches.

This seems to have been delayed somewhat, helped along possibly by the attraction of such high-profile celebrities needing his services. And it's definitely his services, as MacDonald prides himself on being the first and last contact for bookings and information. It fosters a sense of trust that he believes is integral in the kinds of relationships he builds with guests, and one not found in more global franchises.

It could be yours, for a price

But when pushed on the topic of selling, MacDonald confesses that the prospect of selling is still not off the cards.

"The option is always there. I don't want to be fixed in to one thing or another. If someone wanted to come in and purchase the property and the returns were right, then that's something I would consider."

And if one of the proletariat wanted to book a weekend for themselves? Just give him a call, or email. Only don't expect to see any rates or costs advertised upfront.

"Just ask me!," he laughs.