The smartest new designer sneakers for 2015

Sneakers aren't just for sports nuts or kids. Especially when you're talking about super-luxe trainers from the world's top designers.

Some of these high-end sneakers embrace the retro look, recalling the cheesy-cool, eye-popping styles of the '80s and '90s with gleeful abandon. Others are more like wearable art for your feet, with metal detailing, designer flourishes and rare materials.

But Chantal Sciola, artistic director of trailblazing trainer boutique , favours the minimalist look for the coming season. "Our fall/winter 2016 collection is definitely about keeping it clean and modern," she says. "Sportswear brands are currently looking at their history and innovating from previous styles, but luxury brands are more technically-based."

Just make sure you avoid muddy puddles when you've got these on.

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