Twelve of the latest, cleverest fitness bands

Summer bodies are made in winter, but you might need some extra assistance to keep your training on track this season.

The current crop of fitness bands do everything short of lacing up your sneakers for you, from monitoring your sleep and diet to crunching your fitness stats. In the case of the Swarovski Misfit Shine, some don't even look like fitness trackers at all.

The market has exploded over the past few years, with myriad options available for everyone from weekend walkers to daily gym rats, so it pays to do your research. Do you want clip-on or cuff? High-tech or streamlined? Most bands come with a smartphone app, so ensure your devices are in sync.

Take your pick from the top 12 fitness trackers of the moment in the gallery above. After that, there's no excuse not to start training.

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