Watches of 2015: the A to Z of the year's best

2015 will go down as the year Vacheron Constantin celebrated its 260th anniversary by producing the most complicated watch ever made.

The Reference 57260 is a double-dialled wonder that took three watchmakers eight years to calculate and construct, and brings together 57 complications.

In all there are six time functions, seven perpetual calendars, eight Hebraic calendars, nine astrological calendar features, four chronograph options, seven alarms, eight striking (chime) modes, half a dozen settings covering power-reserve, winding and setting, and a lunar calendar that requires correction only once every 1027 years.

It's the timepiece of the year without any doubt, but there was plenty else to get excited about. Look lovingly through our top 50 releases in the gallery.

This article originally appeared in the Australian Financial Review magazine. Bani McSpedden is the watch editor of AFR and