What it costs to live the life of Harvey Specter

If you've ever wondered how much money you'd need to live a true playboy lifestyle, an answer is finally at hand, although it's going to make a lot of people very unhappy.

A speculative tally of the likely outgoings of Harvey Specter, the suave hero of TV law series Suits, reveals an alarmingly high figure for living it large – $16,061,250.

Specter is the always-on-trend central character in the US series, the latest installation of which (Series 5) was released to DVD, Digital and Blu-ray on May 5.

Played by Gabriel Macht, he is renowned for wearing the best suits, drinking the best scotch and having the best one-liners anywhere on the small screen.

But take heart, because by breaking down Specter's overheads – as we have done in the gallery above – you can pick and choose the trappings of the style, taste, luxury and ostentatiousness you want to project in your pursuit of a lifestyle befitting your lofty career status.

Check the gallery for a breakdown of the trappings of Harvey Specter's enviable lifestyle.

Suits (Series 5) is out now on DVD, Digital and Blu-ray.