Why the men of Pitti Uomo will always be leaders in style

It's become a playground for the fashion risk taker, where gentlemen venture to take part in the real life theatrics that is Pitti Uomo – the twice yearly men's fashion fair held in the Renaissance city of Florence, Italy.

For anyone with a vested interest in the style world, there is no excuse not to be following Instagram hashtags in a quest to see what men are wearing during Pitti week. It's the perfect way to find the next best look on the street.

A place to be seen

Trying to stand out at Pitti is no easy feat. There's hundred of gents who flock to the Fortezza di Basso pavements striking poses and waiting for the next famous photographer to snap their look.  

Those who do veer wildly between classic, flawless, style sporting nothing other than the simple of perfection of a bespoke suit to dandies in suede top hats complete with feathers, brooches attached to lapels of period overcoats in suede, fur and wool combinations.

There is no doubt Pitti has become a place where flamboyance scores you the big points - the mantra of more-is-more is not an exaggeration. Gents go to great lengths to clash prints like tartan suits and vests, add spotted socks with contrast suede loafers and brood in a Robin Hood cape for extra theatrics.

Every detail matters

Others take to the streets repurposing a crocheted square blanket you'd usually find in your grandmother's wardrobe or at an op shop, but at Pitti, street style embraces it to add a huge point of difference from the others.



There's men in berets with cat eye sunglasses, top hats for an old world English flair, fur stoles for hunters and gatherers, fake fur trimmed coats, pastel overcoats from soft pink to Sicilian orange. It's costume at its most wearable and these men show you how to enter the brave new world by finding your fashion voice.

Suiting often looks to the '30s and '40s, but more than just being a nod to the past fashion chasers at Pitti show us how traditional three-pieces can be modernised; how to layer and not look flustered with the extra baggage; and why accessories are the secret to diverting your sartorial story down a unique path.


What they're wearing now

It's always hard to pick a single trend in such an eclectic gathering, but there's always the standout patterns. And this year was no exception.

It's a sea of brown this season from street style casual to suiting, ranging from caramel to chocolate hues. In the throes of winter, men wore turtleneck sweaters under '70s inspired brown military corduroy jackets and caramel chinos (with pleats) while others take '90s grunge beanies and plonk it with '70s Marlboro Man shearling jackets and military green pants for a mash of past fashion trends.

Camouflage bomber jackets are softened with floral embroidery – upping the ante on last season's trend for decoration.

The louder the shoe the better – two-toned double monks and brogues feature heavily and they're clashed against suiting like never before.

For your inspiration

It should come as no surprise that this is where big-name designers, photographers, stylists and influencers come to get their inspiration while seeing what the competition is up to.

Sure, it's over the top and not for every bloke to embrace, but the parade of expertly curated menswear looks unfold before your eyes like cinema – where everybody wants to snatch the lead role.

But it should also be a place for the ordinary bloke to seek and conquer and find a fashion look he'd love to try for himself. Even if you never go yourself, Pitti is proof that you can be the Renaissance guy no matter where you reside – you've just got to be brave.