With OS3 update, the Apple Watch gets a better core

The news from Apple's developer conference in San Francisco this week is good for current owners of the Apple Watch and future users alike.

Those who already have an Apple Watch wont be left with an outdated object on their wrist, because the changes Apple has made are to the system operating in the background, not to the watch itself.

The new system, OS3, should be ready for downloading in September and promises significantly improved performance along with a few tricks.

Old watch, new tricks

There's the ability to launch favourite apps instantly, enhanced navigation, and new fitness and health features including a Breathe app, designed to encourage you to do a little deep breathing to relax and relieve stress. That should be handy in these Donald Trump times.

The Activity app now includes the ability to share, compare and compete, and by pressing the side button users can access a new Dock showing recent and favourite apps.

Right from the Dock or the watch face, users can launch their favourite native and third-party apps instantly and have the latest information in the app already updated and ready for viewing.

Better, easier, more intuitive

In a nutshell everything is a bit better, a bit easier and more intuitive, including receiving and replying to messages, with the bonus of more stickers, full-screen effects and a scribble feature that allows you to write words on the display that the Watch will convert from handwriting to text.

There are new faces, too – including Minnie Mouse –and better customising options. On a serious note, an SOS function in OS3 enables people in critical situations to initiate a call with emergency services through their iPhone or while on Wi-Fi, simply by pressing and holding the side button.

As for lengthening the period between charging, it seems that may take a little longer.

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